This “motto” express clearly our priority we put into practice through the research of the continous improvement of all company processes aiming the complete customer satisfaction.
Starting with 2009 Premagro introduced the Lean-Six Sigma metodology with the objective to eliminate all the possible sources of variability from the processes.
Our quality control is realized with modern measurement instruments and it’s supported by accurate registrations and procedures.
Premagro SA has internal capabilities for both metallurgical tests and 3D dimmensional controls.
The production precesses are constantly monitored by using capability indicators and rigorous controls of the key parameters.

Description of the OBJECTIVES Value
Keep the GOLD level CATERPILLAR SQEP Certification
PPM at customer ≤ 100
Value of rejected pieces (% of Turnover) ≤ 0,10 %
Number of Claims/Year ≤ 5
PPAP’s on time 100%
Deliveries on time ≥ 97%
Capability of the Processes (Cpk) ≥ 1.7