S.C. PREMAGRO SA Oradea, supplier of forgings and machined steel, agricultural machinery, welded structures, aims to continuously improve performance by increasing products quality, control environmental impact and the health and safety of employees, resulting from our activities:

“Manufacturing of powertrain components for earthmoving machinery and industrial tractors; components for pipes and fittings; components for hydraulic cylinders; agricultural machinery, forgings and machined parts for trucks and industrial equipment; welded and metal structures. ”

In order to ensure high quality products without harming natural resources, the environment, the safety and health of our employees and partners we are committed:

  • to meet the customer’s and other stakeholder’s demands, to fulfils the legislation in force, the existing standards and regulations and other requirements in quality, environment and occupational health and safety;
  • to implement and maintain the integrated management system of environment and occupational health and safety and to continuously improve its effectiveness;
  • to provide the necessary human and material resources;
  • to achieve and continuously improve the communication with the employees, authorities and the community to publish policy, objectives and our performance.

By maintaining and continuously improving the implemented system, our target is to ensure the necessary support to continuous performance improvement of the organization.

Through this system, and the hard belief that we can develop a prosperous business, our policy is:


  • to continuously improve product quality, under full satisfaction of the customer requirements;
  • to continuously improve process capability, in order to continuously satisfy customer requirements;
  • to obey the laws and standards relative to our products;
  • development of skills of employees and increase their contribution to the overall work and self-improvement programs and creating a stimulating environment to them;
  • prospecting and developing new markets;
  • uptake of new products, parts.


  • continuous improvement of environmental quality by measuring and monitoring the real environmental impact and assessing compliance with legal requirements;
  • minimizing overall environmental impact of our products and processes through an efficient use of energy, raw materials in all activities;
  • waste reduction and capitalization (recycling), as required by law;
  • pollution prevention through process monitoring and control;


  • identify, assess and control the risks for all activities of the organization;
  • evaluating compliance with applicable legal requirements and other requirements for HMS;
  • using of evaluated technical solutions leading to the prevention of incidents at work and occupational diseases;
  • measuring and monitoring performance of health and safety.
  • preventing the risk of accidents and occupational diseases for all staff including subcontractors and visitors by identifying and assessing hazards and implement preventive measures and risk containment.

For the above mentioned principles and in order to achieve the objectives, as CEO, I am committed to ensure all the necessary resources with the aim to maintain and continuously improve the effectiveness of the integrated management system, to respect the legal and regulatory requirements in force and other requirements that the organization adopted; to assure the premises to prevent and reduce environmental pollution and improve performance on occupational health and safety, to communicate and to make sure of acquiring, understanding and implementing the above-defined policy to all staff of the organization.


This policy is a commitment of management to employees, customers, partners and community.