Social responsibility

The organizations are responsible towards society as a whole whom the company concerned as such as internal and external look. The aim is not just a responsibility to maintain and trends resulting from the competitive situation in the market up, but society as a whole and individuals in solving problems affecting covering several ways.

Premagro acts in this sense through  the  social pillar and as sustainability pillar as well.

Corporate Social responsibility projects:

CSR Projects accomplished in 2015:


  • Health bonus for employees.
  • Reintegration program of personal under detention in cooperation with local authorities.

Environmental sustainability:

  • Replacement of  the heating equipments with less enviromental impacting ones  Effective: Febr. 2015
  • Use of Eco Friendly lubricant during forging Effective: Jan. 2015


  • New optical barrier system on each press Effective by June 2015

CSR Projects for 2016:


  • New lunch-room creation
  • Training Collaboration Project with the EBP Vocational Gymnasium
  • Technical Development Project with University of Oradea


  • Energy Saving – no compressed air leaks;
  • Environmental light optimisation project;
  • Energy saving – Inteligent Stand-By Drives on   machining equipments

Development Projects:

  • New 2500 t Maxipress line
  • Vertical Lathe line for Shafts